About us – Our philosophy

We love food. And we love cooking together with others because we know that gastronomy can bring people closer in a way that few other activities can.

So, we created AVEQIA to offer relationship-building gastronomical meetings of the highest possible quality.

Many people gather clients and colleagues around a meal at a restaurant. However, at a restaurant it can be difficult to converse with people other than those that are placed immediately next to you, making it feel rather passive at times. Interactive cooking on the other hand suits all people, seasons, weather and clothing. AVEQIA is a top-class restaurant as well as a social event.

Our founder David Berggren coined the term “Active cooking” back in 1999, in english we call it “Interactive Cooking”. Then, like now, it was all about an event where people could meet, cook a high class meal and simultaneously build and develop their relationships. Interactive cooking is not a cooking course but a way to socialise in a relaxed environment with food as the focal point.

After 10 years under the brand name Aptit Stockholm we began to branch out and expand internationally, meaning we needed a company name that would suit every country, language or city. With this, we became AVEQIA.

The name AVEQIA is inspired from Roman times, where the Romans were legendary gourmands who truly knew how to enjoy food and wine. AVE was used to greet people and welcome them. Q stands for Quorum which was the meeting place for the Senate,
I for Inspiratio – inspiration, and A for Accubo, which simply means “to the table”!

We extend our very warmest welcome to AVEQIA!

David Berggren, Founder and CEO