Interactive Cooking

Interactive Cooking – a unique experience for all participants

Welcome to the perfect activity for meeting clients in a relaxed environment, socialising with colleagues or simply enjoying good food and drink together with friends and family.

David Berggren coined the term Interactive cooking (or Active Cooking in Swedish) back in 1999. Back then, it was all about an event where people could meet, cook a high class meal and simultaneously build and develop their relationships and this hasn’t changed. Interactive cooking is not a typical cooking class but an excellent way to socialise in a relaxed environment with food as the focal point and ice breaker.

Our chefs have years of experience gleaned from working at top restaurants around the world and are as skilled with people as they are with food. The essentials for Interactive Cooking are our outstanding chefs, fresh produce and our fantastic venues (a combination of an exclusive home kitchen and a luxurious restaurant); where everything from light and music that changes during the course of the evening to the interior design has been perfectly outlined. But what is most amazing about this concept is what happens to people when they start cooking together. Whether you feel at home in the kitchen or never set your foot in one before, if you want to roll up your sleeves and get involved or if you prefer to mingle and add the finishing touches – it doesn’t matter. People open up, hierarchies, prejudices and traditional roles disappear and what is left is a group of people connecting and creating something enjoyable together.

Interactive cooking at AVEQIA

Here at AVEQIA we love food. And we love cooking together with others because we know that gastronomy can bring people closer in a way that few other activities can. That is why we want to welcome you to experience gastronomical meetings of the highest quality with us.

You can visit us at AVEQIA with your company or with a private group. In Sweden we also offer Inspirational Cooking sessions, open experiences where you can bring a friend along and join a group of likeminded people for an evening of cooking together.

If you would like to know more about AVEQIAs story and how David came up with the concept you can read about this here.

We look forward to seeing you soon!