Our Venues

AVEQIA is based in fresh and bright premises. When we build our venues we want to create a welcoming atmosphere which is social so everybody will have contact with each other whilst cooking and to make it easier to mingle and navigate the kitchen. We think we succeded in this.

Read more about our venue facilities for AVEQIA London, AVEQIA Stockholm and AVEQIA Gothenburg in the menu on the left. All of them centrally located in each city on 2 St. Bride Street, Tulegatan 11 and Andra Långgatan 46-48. In London we can accommodate between 8-75 guests, in Stockholm 8-160 guests and in Gothenburg 8-60 guests.

You are also able to host a conference or meeting at AVEQIA prior to or in conjunction with a cooking activity. Full conference equipment is available on site, should you have any special requirements we will do our utmost to ensure these are met.