Matlagning med kock

An evening at AVEQIA

Cooking together in a group is a perfect activity where you can meet your clients in a relaxed atmosphere, socialise with your colleagues or just enjoy good food and drink together and have a great evening.

This is an outline of what an evening at AVEQIA with Interactive Cooking entails:

  • You arrive at AVEQIA and are met with a glass of sparkling wine and an Amuse Bouche* to get a taster for what the evening holds.
  • After a toast a brief presentation of the evening is given by your private chefs along with the menu and ingredients. We also divide your party into smaller groups.
  • We then cook a 4-course taster menu whilst conversing, socialising and drinking wine – or exciting non-alcoholic alternatives.
  • Our gourmet chefs guide you through the entire cooking process and provide you with organic produce of the highest quality.
  • We sit down to enjoy the food together with four suitable quality wines – carefully chosen by our sommelier.
  • Following dinner you are welcome to stay and enjoy our wines, digestifs, cocktails or other drinks at the bar.
  • After the event we send an e-mail to the contact person for the group who then can forward to all participants who are then able to log in to Club AVEQIA where all recipes and product info about the wines are available.
  • At Club AVEQIA you may also view pictures from the evening taken by participants using our camera.

*Amuse Bouche is French for appetiser and is served before dinner to get your taste buds going.

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