Sales conference activity and cooking

To cook together is a perfect activity for starting a new project or team, getting back to work after the holidays, getting the team together or for closing a project. The participants are divided into teams which are responsible for the preparation of one dish in an overall menu which you all enjoy together.

By working under the guidance of a renowned chef you can feel the pulse of a real restaurant kitchen where exact timing and collaboration is the name of the game. Contact us and we can tailor your activity.

Read more about Interactive Cooking and how an activity with us runs here.


Our chefs, from well-known restaurants worldwide, are on hand to guide you through the activity and as experienced cicerones they will take you from exciting recipes to a gourmet meal with quality wines in a relaxed manner.

Interactive cooking is great for a successful team activity and of course you can choose to cook lunch or dinner here at AVEQIA. Do you want to know more about how you can combine your event with cooking? Fill in the form to the left and we’ll contact you shortly, or see contact information to us here.