Tasting sessions

Let our team of food and drink experts entertain you and tickle yor taste buds at the same time. AVEQIA´s tasting sessions are an uplifting change from everyday life.

Whether you’re running a team building exercise or building your relationships with a client we can find the perfect tasting session to enhance your evening. We provide everything from classic wine tastings, to more experimental food and wine tastings. For the discerning client; why not try our very popular Champagne tastings? Or our classic olive oil or Rum tasting? Whichever session you choose we guarantee some relaxing learning with fun woven in and one or two Eureka moments!

Do you have anything special in mind for your tasting? Just give us a call, we can organise most types of tasting sessions for you.


All of our tasting sessions can be carried out as a single activity or in  conjunction with a cooking activity.