Champagneprovning på Aveqia

Champagne tastings

Champagne is often associated with luxury and has been enjoyed by high society in Europe for centuries. A great development that has taken place in the last couple of decades is that the interest in Champagne has both become broader and deeper. It’s a fantastic beverage!

The production of Champagne is both very complicated and costly compared to normal wines and Champagne is one of the few white wines which benefits from being stored making if fun to try different vintages. The nuances in taste that are discernible in a well-aged Champagne for a particular year are magical. A glass of Champagne, any glass, can change a grey, everyday atmosphere into a party.

We are very proud to have a close partnership with one of the biggest Champagne houses KRUG which also includes a special KRUG experience. So if you are interested in Champagne we, besides our tastings, have great experiences for you.

At our Champagne tastings you can choose between different themes:

  • Blanc de blanc,
  • Champagnes from particular vintages
  • Prestige cuvées
  • Champagne meets other sparkling wines, such as Cava and Crémant

Your enjoyment further increases with a nugget of knowledge with each tasting, preferably with a matching snack.

At the tastings you also learn about the history of Champagne, the area, producers, personalities as well as different tips for how to get the most out of your bubbles.

All of our tasting sessions can be carried out as a single activity or in conjunction with a cooking activity.