Food and wine in combination


Combining the right food with the right wine can make the difference between a great meal and one you will never forget. It may appear both difficult and complicated but with a few simple guidelines and a practical wine tasting you can get good insight into how a sommelier thinks. In this session we normally sample four very different wines.

To understand how wine impact the food and vice versa we sample these wines against a test plate with clean flavours. It can be the tangyness of a lemon or the sweetness from a dried apricot. The effect is often quite striking.

There are no simple rules stating that a red wine shall be served with meat, and a white wine with fish. But through this tasting session the symbiosis between the character of the wine and the basic flavours of the food is illustrated and enhanced.

Our wine tastings can be carried out as a single activity or in conjunction with a cooking activity.