Rum tasting


Rum is the Pirate drink that made it to high society. The drink has an exciting and dramatic history behind it with slave trading and piracy, and Rum has always been appreciated by mariners for its capacity to ease the chills at sea.

The English navy gave a daily rum allotment to each sailor, a tradition retained until 31 July, 1970 when it was abolished and this date named ”Black Tot Day”.

Rum can be found in many different styles depending on how it is produced, how long it is stored and the area it comes from.

Rum can be enjoyed in many different ways, neat as a digestif, as a cocktail base or as a cooking ingredient. Rum also raises a piece of chocolate or good cigar to perfection.

At this Rum tasting you get the opportunity to acquaint yourself with four well-aged types of Rum and to learn the particulars of Rum production from sugar cane to finished bottle. If you wish we raise the bar further with some well-chosen pieces of quality chocolate.

Our Rum tasting can be carried out as a single activity or in conjunction with a cooking activity.