Autumn menu 2015

Autumn has arrived and started to show its vibrant colours. The season brings an abundance of amazing produce and our chefs have longed to finally launch our delicious autumn menu.

AVEQIAs autumn menu will treat you to oodles of goodies from forests, waters and farms; Mallard, lobster, langoustines, chanterelles and blueberries from the deep forests are some of the delicacies that will delight your taste buds.

We work hard to always find the best produce amongst farmers, fishermen and hunters who care about nature and our planet.

Freshly boiled lobster served with a green apple and celery broth, topped with horseradish and langoustine crème

Hummer, havskräfta på AVEQIAs höstmeny 2015

For our starter we serve some of the best seafood there is on offer right now.  Fresh, live lobster that will be cooked to perfection paired with delicious languostines from cold autumn waters that will be turned into a smooth crème. A fresh broth made from green apple, celery and horseradish will accompany our seafood . The dish is finished with some shaved vegetables and a cooling herbal sorbet. Elegant, fresh and a perfect start to your meal.

Lamb sausage with crispy onions, malt emulsion, cress and mustard seeds

Lammkorv med örter och lökcrisp, AVEQIA Höstmeny 2015

The worlds best hot dog (according to us) makes up the second course!  AVEQIAs interpretation of a classic combo where lamb, lardo and a load of lovely spices are combined to make a really tasty sausage. Smoked buns, crispy onions and a caramelised spiced sugar with long pepper and cloves will envelop our sausage. A fresh malt emulsion, mustard seeds and danish cress will make your mouth water.

Crispy Mallard with creamy chanterelles, baked swede and truffle crisps

Vildand med kålrot och kantareller

For our main course we have beautiful mallard, panfried with crispy skin and seasoned with dried chanterelles, rosé pepper and fennel. Crispy black truffle crisps, baked swede and chanterelles keeps the mallard company on the plate. For the final touch we add a mushroom consommé and pickled coriander seeds.

Violet ice cream with liquorice, cookie crumble and autumn berries

Violglass med lakritsmaräng, kaksmulor och bär

The dessert is a beautiful combination of blueberries, blackberries, thyme and bourbon vanilla. We add a creamy smooth liquorice curd and a crunchy oat crumble for texture. The plate is topped off with home made violet ice cream and double cream!