AVEQIA winter menu 2016

Autumn Menu 2016

As the long days fade the nights get chillier and the trees lose their leaves. Our team of chefs take inspiration from the cooler temperatures and have devised an invigorating menu full of autumnal seasonal flavours and freshness.


Poached Duck Egg with Cauliflower and Cumin Veloute, Cured Duck Breast, Pickled Cauliflower and Wild Mushroom Powder

You will start your evening with us by creating a sublimely smooth cauliflower and cumin veloute paired with a perfectly poached duck egg alongside a beautifully cured duck breast. The dish will be topped off with an earthy and delicate wild mushroom powder.


Smoked Salmon Tartare, Lardo, Oyster Cream, Red Pepper Vinaigrette and Horseradish Mayonnaise

For the second course we turn to the seas sourcing plump salmon from which we create a delicate smoked tartare. To accompany this we make a silky, decadent oyster cream contrasted by a fiery horseradish mayonnaise.


Pan Fried Mackerel and Squid, Ratatouille Compote, Parsley Crumble, Black Olive Tapenade and Chicken Jus

With the landscape becoming more barren, our main course also looks to the ocean. Here you will make a crisp fillet of mackerel topped with parsley crumble and chilli squid, paired with a tricolour ratatouille tartlet, black olive tapenade and a rich chicken jus.

Plum Tatin with Apple and Pear Chutney, Caramel Gel, Chocolate Arlette, Shiso and Yoghurt Sorbet

The perfect autumnal dessert is created with a plum tatin, apple and pear chutney. A crunchy texture is added with a chocolate arlette and the dish is finished with a smooth aromatic yoghurt and shiso sorbet.