Chef's Table

Our wine packages

The selection of wines for our wine packages is a labour of love for AVEQIA’s Sommelier. We choose each bottle from the most suitable wines and sample them against the dishes of each new AEVQIA menu. This is how we arrive at the best combination of food and wine. To suit all tastes and budgets we provide three different wine packages:

Wine package Prime

This wine package consists of a mix of wines from the New World and Europe. Excellent wines carefully chosen based on quality and price. A characteristic of these wines is that they come from modern producers that have traditionally not charged so much for their wines.

Wine package Premium

Our Medium wine package consists of wines from somewhat more well-known producers in the New World and Europe’s more recent wine areas. The wines hold a very high quality and often even a strong personality!

Wine package De Luxe

Our De Luxe Wine package offers the absolute best wines and Champagnes from famous vineyards with strong heritage. The wines in this package are well-balanced quality wines from the top producers.