Winter menu 2017

AVEQIAs winter menu 2017

The new year is off to a flying start and it’s time to share our winter menu with you. Our chefs have created a delicious menu with fresh and comforting flavors from the sea, fields and forests. We have also included some eastern influences on this menu to add some zing! We really look forward to cooking these lovely dishes with you. We bid you our very warmest welcome!

Skrei with smoked mussels, celery, lovage and crispy apple

Skrei med rökta blåmusslor

For our winter starter, we have picked up some of the very best produce from our oceans! From the icy waters of Lofoten, we work with succulent, meaty Skrei; arctic cod at its best. We brine it lightly before baking it to bring out the amazing flavour and texture of the fish. We make a delicious broth with our shellfish and for texture we add crunchy celery and apple. To finish off the dish, we smoke our mussels and add a tangy apple cider cream. Yum!

Dumplings with green juniper berries, Porcini and Jerusalem artichoke foam and a smoked truffle vinaigrette

Dumplings med Karl-Johan

Our second course comes with a fresh oriental flavour.  We learn how to make perfect dumplings with zingy green juniper berries and a chili flake or two. We make a smooth foam of Porcini and jerusalem artichokes that complement our dumplings nicely. Jerusalem artichoke crisps, french water cress and truffle vinaigrette gives the dish crunch, freshness and depth.

Baked char with buttered cabbage broth, roasted potato purée, flower sprouts and trout roe

Röding med kålbuljong

For our main course, we use the finest char we can muster. We cook it as gently as we can and supplement it with delicious baked pointed cabbage and lightly pickled flower sprouts. We add a creamy roasted potato purée topped with a beautiful colourful salad.

Cherry sorbet with Macaroons, Umeshu-infused cherries and puffed wild rice

körsbär, mandel, umeshu

For dessert, we make a delicious ice cream with cherries and sour cream; creamy, cold and fresh! We bake lovely macaroons with browned  butter and honey and gently infuse our cherries with fennel and umeshu. A fluffy sabayonne, puffed wild rice and snow tops this beautiful dessert. Wintry and beautiful, tangy and cold in a perfect harmony.