Alexandra Zazzi-kock på AVEQIA

Alexandra Zazzi

Alexandra Zazzi. Chef AVEQIA Göteborg.

Background: Alexandra started Pasta e Panini together with her husband, Peter in 1996. In 1998, she competed in televisions docu-drama Robinson where she spent nearly 50 days on a tropical island. She made history as the show’s first ever female winner, making her famous in the eyes of Sweden’s people.

Today, Alexandra makes many appearances as a TV chef, a food writer and lecturer, cookbook writer and seminar organizer. She has managed to write four cookbooks and is a reappearing columnist in publications such as Matmagasinet and the Gothenburg Post.

Alexandra’s passion for food stems from her Italian roots- a love for natural and raw ingredients partnered with eating together and making memories around the dinner table. So far, she has produced four cookbooks and many, many more recipes. Alexandra is well known for her love of food and for the inspiration she brings to others.

”I have missed the kitchen and the sense of belonging I get from being there; among all the pots and pans and other chefs. All of that in combination with AVEQIAs concept which not only builds relationships between participants in the group, but even with me as a chef makes me very keen to work with our clients at AVEQIA.”