Daniel Lindholm-kock på AVEQIA

Daniel Lindholm

Multiple cooks in the kitchen often make for even more delicious food

Daniel Lindholm. Chef AVEQIA Stockholm.

Background: Daniel studied at Stockholms Hotel and Restaurant Academy for 3 years. He worked at Ulvsunda Castle for 6 years under Tomas Diederichsen, Meat Chef of the Year 2009 & Chef of the year 2011. Daniel has had the honor of cooking for the king in 2011 at Vinkällare Grappe and for Runar Sögaards wedding at Ulvsunda Castle in 2010.

Daniel enjoys cooking dinners with friends who share his passion for food, hunting, fishing, traveling and spending time with family.

”My passion is my career and keeping a healthy lifestyle- I prioritize nutrition and my own personal diet. The best part of this profession is working directly with the guests, being involved in the product’s process from start to finish”.

When Daniel entertains guests at home, he serves potato pancakes with classic accoutrements, boild calf with dill, and Créme Brulée with pressed coffee to finish.