David Berggren

“The ingredients are most important”

David Berggren, 42 years old. Chef and CEO for AVEQIA Stockholm.

Background (brief): Demi-chef at Operakällaren, representative Chef at the Swedish Foreign Ministry, chef at five-star hotel The Cellars Hohenort in South Africa.

Given the choice David travels to Italy, out in the country and to a farm where a completely fresh rack of lamb waiting to be prepared and cooked. He prefers high quality and local ingredients in his kitchen, and that’s where his inspiration comes from.

He does admit that he has a preference for fish and shellfish, so it’s no surprise that his favourite food experience is about fish where the memories take him back to Bali and a beach where fish was grilled on coconut shells under a starlit sky.

David is driven by always wanting to exceed guests’ expectations;
– Working like this has given me the chance to help my guests to exceed their own expectations. It stimulates me and them alike to want to cook more.