Eric Allouard

“AVEQIA is the perfect place for me to share my knowledge and passion, I love to see other people discover what they can accomplish”

Eric Allouard. Head Chef AVEQIA London.

Background: Eric Allouard is a French Chef with over 20 years of cooking experience, having worked at a string of Michelin- and top class restaurants around the world, such as la tour D’argent, Fleur (Gordon Ramsay), Sketch (Pierre Gagnaire), L’Etranger, Peyton and Byrne (Oliver Peyton) and Taha’a Pearl Beach Hotel (6 star Hotel in Tahiti)

Besides the French and the Scandinavian cuisine, Eric has a big passion for the Japanese cooking with its different flavours and methods, which inspires him to create new dishes.

“In my spare time I love to travel the world and discover new cuisines to enhance my knowledge of global food and molecular techniques.”

His motto is to use the best produce available and cook the perfect dish with the best techniques.

“Every home kitchen needs to have saffron and truffle oil, then you are always prepared to cook a fabulous dinner.”