Johanna Ekelund-kock på AVEQIA

Johanna Ekelund

“Happiness is to find exciting flavour combinations”

Johanna Ekelund, Chef AVEQIA Stockholm.

Johannas background differs from most other chefs who started their kitchen careers in their teens. Johanna started working in graphic design and  marketing, but after years in the advertising industry she decided to follow her passion for food and cooking and trained as a chef.

“I have plenty of food memories but one in particular that I remember is a perfect pasta vongole in Rome. Few ingredients but perfect produce and a lot of love. I like food with clear and distinct flavours that enhance and carry each other.

At home I’m happy to serve Chevré chaud with sweed red onion chutney, a stew made of brisket with lots of red wine and for dessert French chocolate meringue with vanilla ice cream – simple and fantastic!

The best thing about working at AVEQIA is when the guests are seated at the table, dining, immensely proud and a bit surprised at what they have achieved. It is really satisfying being part of creating an experience where our guests exceed themselves!