Lasse Nilsson-kock på AVEQIA

Lasse Nilsson

“The greatest thing about food and wine is that you always learn new things”

Lasse Nilsson, Head Chef AVEQIA Göteborg.

Background: Chef, Sommelier and Pastry chef with international experience (France and the USA). In Sweden Lasse has worked at Sjömagasinet with Leif Mannerström for several years, at restaurant Hos Pelle and Restaurang 28+ to name a few.

Lasse grew up in Gothenburg with his mother and grandmother who taught him to love properly cooked food made from fresh ingredients.

“My best food memory was when me and my dad got home after a cold and windy round of golf and were served a piping hot Swedish style cabbage and pork pie with lingon berries. Amazing!

The best wine memory I have is from a wine trip that I took right after I finished my Sommelier training. It was two weeks in Germany and France together with Mats Hoff. At Deibolt Vallois in Champagne we drank a year 1953 wine in his wine cellar and made a toast to his grandfather who had made the wine.”

In his free time Lasse spends time with his family or on the golf course; or most preferably in a room full of cookbooks and kitchen gadgets!”