Mikael Björkqvist-kock på AVEQIA

Mikael Björkqvist

“Cooking brings people together”

Mikael Björkqvist, 35 years old. Chef and sommelier.

Background (brief): Restaurant college in Grythyttan, Café News in Nice, restaurant J and Divino in Stockholm.

Japanese, South American and Italian. Mikael finds it hard to choose just one favourie cuisine, so it has to be three. For as he says himself:
– It depends on the situation. If you want warmth then an exotically spiced South American dish. If you want clean tastes with untreated ingredients then Japanese. And Italy is always Italy.

His best food experience happened in Greece about 15 years ago. While island-hopping he stopped over on a tiny island with newly caught fish for dinner, grilled simply with lemon and bread. Simple perfection.

Mikael sees it as a blessing to be able to work wwith his greatest interest. An interest he’s more than ready to share with guests by guiding them in the kitchen.