Connecting through gastronomy


Connecting through gastronomy



We love food and we love cooking together with others.  We and our guests alike find that genuine joy and inspiration in interactive cooking.

Regardless of if you’re visiting us with clients, colleagues or friends and family we can offer you the ideal venue for cooking activities, conferences, press-and product launches, birthday celebrations among other things.

Welcome to AVEQIA!

Summertime @ AVEQIA

We close the studio and booking office between July 11th and August 8th. The booking office will check emails sporadically during the holiday period, so if you need to get hold of us please send an email to

Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you this autumn!



Interactive Cooking & Dining

AVEQIA’s Interactive Cooking & Dining experience adds unique value to your meeting.

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At AVEQIA you can host your conference in a warm and inspiring enviroment at central locations in Stockholm..

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Tel: 08-522 70370

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