AVEQIA Höstmeny - Kantarell, Jordärtskocka

Autumn menu 2018

Let ‘s revive the memories from your event at AVEQIA!

This is where we have collected all the recipes from this year’s autumn menu.

Do you remember the starter with Jerusalem artichoke and mushrooms? The middle course with lobster, apple and kohlrabi or the venison and pumpkin purée that you cooked as main course? Perhaps you would like to recreate the delicious chocolate dessert at home? This is where you will find all the recipes. They are adapted to serve 8-10 guests as part of a tasting menu but they would be suitable for 4 people as individual dishes (except for the dessert).

AVEQIA Höstmeny - Kantarell, Jordärtskocka

Jerusalem artichoke with chanterelles, bleak roe and mushroom consommé

Jerusalem artichoke with chanterelles, bleak roe and mushroom consommé.

AVEQIAs Höstmeny 2018 Hummer, kålrabbi, äpple

Lobster tortellini with kohlrabi, apple and kale sprouts

AVEQIA Höstmeny 2018 - Hjort, Pumpa, Silverlök

Venison with butternut squash, stuffed onions and black cabbage

Venison with butternut squash, filled white onions and black cabbage. A delicious autumn dish that satisfies.

AVEQIA Höstmeny 2018 - Chokladpaté, variation på vinbär, gräddfilsskum

Chocolate pâté with black and red currants and sour cream foam

Chocolate pâté with a delicious black currant curd, oat crunch and a fluffy sour cream foam…