Autumn menu 2021

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Allow us to revive the memories from your recent AVEQIA event. Here you will find the recipes from our autumn menu.

Do you recall the starter with the crispy lobster croquette? The second dish with Almnäs Tegel-filled tortellini or the delicate quail with the pickled chicory? Perhaps you are longing to try making the rosehip dessert at home?

The dishes of our autumn menu are intended for 10 guests if they are served as part of a larger menu. You are of course able to serve them as separate or free standing dishes and the recipes will then serve 4-6 guests depending on how much of the main ingredient there is and how generous you want to be with the servings.

Good luck!

Lobster croquette with Kohlrabi flowers, puffed broccoli and lobster vinaigrette

Tomato tortellini with Almnäs Tegel, fermented tomato, crispy potato & smoked egg yolk

Grilled quail stuffed with mushrooms, baked shallots, madeira reduction and truffles

Chocolate glazed rosehip cake, candied fennel seeds, rosehip crème and soured milk sorbet