Hero-Matjessill, Sandefjord, Gräslökskräm,

Summer menu 2018 Wine Package Premium

Spiced herring, steak tartare  and coconut ice cream demand their beverages!

Let us revive the memories from your AVEQIA-event. Here we’ve collated all the beverages from our summer menu.

Do you remember the starter with with the tasty beer, the main course with the well balanced white wine? The dessert with Swedish strawberries need  something fresh to accompany them, and if you want to cook these dishes at home, we’ve made it easy for you to match the wines as well. Below you’ll find all the vital information on the beverages in AVEQIAs Wine Package Premium Summer 2018.


Bonnaire Grand Cru Vintage 2009

This Grand Cru has clear tones of lemon, yellow apples along with roasted brioche, it is…

Nääs Lager

NÄÄS Lager is a pilsner type beer with medium bitterness, balanced hop character and tons of…

Chevillon-Chezeaux Nuits St George Vieilles Vignes

This light, fresh Pinot Noir.has notes of red cherries and raspberries in elegant style. Lovely minerality…

Thomas Morey Les Baudines Premier Cru

This wine has clear aromas of ripe yellow fruit such as apples, apricot and pineapple in…

Massolino Moscato d’Asti

The wine has clear tones of elderberry and pears with elements of white peach in a…

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