Christmas menu 2019

Tack för senast!

Let ‘s revive the memories from your event at AVEQIA!

This is where we have collected all the recipes from this year’s Christmas menu.

Quickly cured herring with creamy potato foam, Christmas bread crisp and bleak roe from Kalix

Spicy cornfed duck with red cabbage, port wine jus, fennel smoked black currant jelly and crispy kale

Cornfed duck-breasts are seasoned with fennel seeds, sancho peppers and star anise and fried perfectly pink.…

Cinnamon cake with chocolate foam, sour cream sorbet, cloudberries, almond and porcini mushroom snow

Delicious cinnamon cake with chocolate foam, smooth "filmjölks-sorbet", macerated cloudberries, candied mandlar and Porcini-snow and wild…

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