Spring menu 2021

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Let us revive the memories from your AVEQIA event. Below you will find all the recipes from this years´ advent menu.

Do you remember the starter with the charred zander and miso? Or the second course with the perfectly cooked white asparagus with matjes foam, or perhaps was it the spicy lamb with the delicious sauce that makes your thoughts wander…? Or is it the rhubarb and spruce caramel dessert that keeps you awake at night?

The dishes in our spring menu are scaled to 10 portions as part of a larger menu of 3-4 dishes. However, you can of course cook them as free standing dishes and if you do, these recipes should be enough for 4-6 guests, depending on main ingredient and how large you like your portions.

Happy cooking!

Charred Zander with miso, oyster-filled kohlrabi, chilled vegetable consommé and lumpfish roe

Charred zander with miso is the opening dish of our spring menu. A light, fresh dish…

White asparagus with matjes foam, rye bread crisp, elderberry-pickled apples and a smoked cheese crème

Spicy lamb with ramson croquette, grilled yellow beets and roast garlic lamb jus

This delicious spicy lamb is irresistible with its accompanying ramson croquettes, salt baked yellow beets and…

Tartelette with spruce caramel, liquorice jelly, spongecake and rhubarb sorbet

Tartelette with spruce caramel, liquorice jelly, sponge cake and a zingy rhubarb sorbet - so many…