Spring menu 2022

Allow us to revive the memories from your recent AVEQIA event. Here you will find the recipes from our Spring menu 2022.

Do you recall the starter with the delicious mussels with the oyster emulsion? The second dish of perfectly cooked asparagus with the smooth almond hollandaise or the grilled lamb with ramson dumplings? Perhaps you can’t wait to have a go at making the hazelnut bavaroise with rhubarb sorbet at home?

The dishes of our spring menu are intended for 10 guests if they are served as part of a larger menu. You are of course able to serve them as separate or free standing dishes and the recipes will then serve 4-6 guests depending on how much of the main ingredient there is and how generous you want to be with the servings.

Good luck!

Deep fried mussels with oyster emulsion, pickled fennel, herb purée and mussel foam

Crispy, yet delicate mussels with oyster emulsion, contrasted by crunchy pickled fennel...

Butter baked white asparagus with almond hollandaise, smoked trout roe, deep fried sourdough and onion vinaigrette

Perfectl cooked white asparagus with a smooth almond hollandaise, smoked trout roe, deep fried sourdough and...

Grilled lamb with ramson-filled dumplings, braised lamb shank gravy, chard, yoghurt and mint

Delightful spring lamb with ramson-filled crispy dumplings and a gravy made from braised lamb shanks.....

Caramel-and Hazelnut bavaroise on sablé cake, chocolate-and yuzu crème and rhubarb sorbet