Wine package Premium Spring menu 2022

A meal is only complete with the right beverages!

Do you remember the cava you drank upon arrival? Did you find the asparagus and the Riesling a “match made in heaven”  or were you especially impressed by the Rosso di Nostri from Tua Rita that was served with the main course?  Here you can read about the wines in your wine package and also find out where and how you can buy them.

Oliver Viticultors -Gemma

Kloster Eberbach Steinberger Riesling trocken

This Riesling from Kloster Eberbach is very dry in style with deep aromas of lemon and…

Rosso dei Notri – Tua Rita

Here we have a flavoursome and concentrated wine with delectable notes of blackberries, walnuts and a…

Kracher – Beerenauslese Rosenmuskateller Red Roses