Wine Package Premium Autumn 2021

A meal is never complete without amazing drinks!

Do you remember the Champagne you drank upon arrival, was the wine pairing for the starter out of this world or did you especially like the Australian Grenache we served with the main course? Read more about the wines here and find information on how to buy them.

Bonnaire Tradition Brut

This is a very fresh Champagne with clear notes of lemon, green apples and toasted bread...

Vinranka - AVEQIA

Balland – Sancerre Blanc Grand Cuvée

This "Grande Cuvee" from Domaine Balland, made only especially fine vintages, is rich and generous with…

Saint Joseph Blanc – Silice

This wine has clear tones of almond, yellow apples and white stone fruit...

Sucette -An Approach to Relaxation

This is a wine with large complexity in scent and flavour....

Kracher Beerenauslese Zweigelt

This wine offers deep flavour with notes of raspberry, white pepper, strawberries, red currant and cherries.