Autumn menu 2022

Welcome to our autumn menu!

After a fantastic summer, cooler temperatures are creeping in and nature around us will soon change its colours again. But this also means harvest time, both in the fields and out in the woods. For this year’s autumn menu, our chefs have placed vegetables centre stage, accompanied by top-quality seafood and poultry. A symphony of mushrooms, fresh lobster, delicate quail and to finish; an exciting delicious combination of ice cream, sponge cake, blueberries and caramel sauce with rosemary.

Butter poached lobster with crown dill, tomato jelly, kavring crisp and caraway emulsion

Mushroom tartlette with Chawanmushi, pickled onions and pea shoot foam

Tarragon stuffed quail with a roasted apple crème, glazed onions and chicken jus

Ice cream with toasted sponge cake, blueberries and a rosemary caramel sauce