Harvest menu 2023

It’s finally time to present our new menu!

This season we are trying a new approach, we are changing the menu in August and that means it will be a “harvest festival menu”. This season is wonderful in Sweden as our landscapes are yielding everything we have spent the spring and summer cultivating. As always, we try to minimize waste and handle all our ingredients as carefully as possible.

We look forward to cooking these treats with you, our dear guests. Welcome!

Yuzu glazed Hamachi with grated and smoked tomato, kohlrabi dumpling and horseradish broth

Mushroom tarte with Spicy cheese créme, Crown dill jelly, Yoghurt foam and Iced shallots

Spiced Sirloin with Tomato and Pepper sauce, Pickled Celeriac and Almond Butter.

Baked apple with ginger, Salty toffee, Oat crumble, Cinnamon ice cream, Italian soy meringue and Swiss roll