Spring menu 2023

Spring is sneaking up on us despite the occasional snowy weather, and with that, it’s time to present AVEQIA’s spring menu!

Despite the classic spring weather, at least the light has returned and warmth is just around the corner. Of course, we’ve been looking forward to all that spring has to offer in terms of ingredients, so we’ve focused on creating a spring menu that is fresh and light. How about delicate rhubarb glazed scallops, buttermilk waffle with a light chicken liver mousse, herbaceous spring lamb and finally; tart rhubarb with grilled strawberries and candied pistachios?

A warm welcome to celebrate spring at AVEQIA!

Rhubarb glazed scallop with grilled cucumber, soy tapioca and vegetable broth

Buttermilk waffle with Almnäs Tegel, grilled onions, chicken liver mousse, watercress and preserved lemon.

Herb-roasted lamb with lamb sausage, Vol-au-vent, white and green asparagus and lamb- and morel gravy

Vanilla Baked Rhubarb with Grilled Strawberries, Candied Pistachios and Rhubarb Sorbet