Autumn menu 2019

Nature is shifting colours and the colder days are here. But that also means harvest time, in the fields as well as in the wild. For this year’s autumn menu, the Chefs have placed the vegetables in the spotlight, backed up by meat and fish of the highest quality. Yellow peas from Öland, fresh kohlrabi and wild mushrooms are some of the delicacies featured in the menu together with pike-perch carpaccio, butter-fried beef sirloin and milk from Swedish mountain cattle.

Marinated pike-perch and raw shrimp with leek, meadowsweet mayonnaise and prawn crackers

The autumn menu starts off with thin slices of fresh pike-perch and sweet raw shrimp marinated in a Japanese plum dressing. This is combined with smoky tones of grilled leek and a rich mayonnaise flavoured with miso and meadowsweet. We make prawn crackers from scratch and garnish the dish with crisp borage leaves and bright pearls of trout roe.

Mushrooms with cheese croquette and charred, pickled onion on flat bread

Placing the seasonal produce in the spotlight, this dish is composed of grilled fresh corn that is rolled into croquettes and deep fried until they are crispy. The croquettes are served with a smooth, creamy mushroom emulsion and onions that are both pickled and grilled with a blowtorch. We fry chantarelles golden brown in butter and mix them with chives and cress, and the whole dish is served up on a freshly baked rye flatbread.

Yellow peas from Öland with celeriac, smoked butter and Sirloin from Swedish dairy cow

The main course combines delicacies from the autumn fields. An aincient variety of yellow peas from Öland are mixed with a rich sauce of smoked butter. They are served with a smooth celeriac purée and pickled onions. To accompany the vegetables we serve a butter-fried sirloin steak from Swedish dairy cow.

Swedish apple with hazelnuts, white chocolate and horseradish

The dessert combines Swedish apples with hazelnuts, chocolate and the fresh sting from horseradish. The apples are cooked into a tangy syrup that is served with roasted finely chopped hazelnuts, a white chocolate snow and a crispy meringue with a fresh taste of apple cider. A smooth milk ice cream and milk from Swedish mountain cattle mixed with freshly grated horseradish is completing this autumn dessert.



Marinated pike-perch and raw shrimp with leek, meadowsweet and prawn crackers

Marinated pike-perch and raw shrimp with leek, meadowsweet and prawn crackers

Kantareller med majskrokett och sotad, picklad lök på flatbröd

Autumn mushrooms with cheese croquettes and pickled onion on grilled flat bread

Swedish dairy cow with yellow peas, grilled butter, celeriac and baked onion

Farm milk with hazelnuts, white chocolate, apple cider and horseradish

The dessert is a delight of tangy apple syrup, roasted hazelnuts and white chocolate snow. Crispy…