Christmas menu 2019

Autumn has rushed by as usual and it’s finally winter! With that we have access to all the wonderful produce and classic spices that we associate with the season.  With these AVEQIAs chefs have created a new fantastic menu where classic flavours and ingredients are served and presented in new innovative ways.

Welcome into the warmth of our studios!

Hot smoked arctic char with anchovy-and potato foam, spicy crisp bread, Beurre noisette and Bleak roe from Kalix

Here our guests will smoke arctic char flavoured with rowan berries, dill, onions and lemon. With our fish we serve a light, buttery potato foam, tangy pickled onions and mini potatoes with dill. We top the dish with fresh herbs, crispy rye bread and Bleak roe from Kalix.

Beetroot with cream cheese, Beurre Noisette, malt crisp and apple leather

For our second course we bake beets in salt until they are soft and tasty. After that we baste them with cherry beer and beet vinegar until they caramelise. The beets are served with home made cream cheese, roast pistachios and a malt crisp. The dish is topped off with a Beurre Noisette mayonnaise, mature Almnäs cheese and a thin apple leather.

Spicy cornfed duck with red cabbage, port wine jus, fennel smoked black currant jelly and crispy kale

Cornfed duck from Vikingfågel is in focus on the main course. We season the breasts with fennel seeds, sancho peppers and star anise and fry them perfectly pink. We confit the thighs and toss them in port wine jus. We serve the duck in a smooth, sweet purée on red cabbage, crisyp kale that contributes with a lovely saltiness and tangy onion rings.

Cinnamon cake with chocolate foam, butterscotch sauce, sour milk sorbet, cloudberries, almonds and a Porcini-snow

Our winter menu is finished with a delicious Madeleine, flavoured with cinnamon and dark rum. We serve a butterscotch sauce with this, alongside white miso, candied almonds with a pinch of salt and finally: a warm chocolate foam. Muddled cloudberries and a cool sorbet of soured milk add a fresh acidity and the whole dishis topped with a porcini-snow.



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