Spring menu 2020

Winter is finally losing its grip of our northern lands and we look forward to a new menu at AVEQIA. Our chefs have put together four inspiring dishes with the best products the season has to offer. Grilled pike-perch, white asparagus, roasted spring lamb and poached rhubarb are just some of the delicacies featured. We look forward to brighter days and inspiring cooking sessions.

Bon appétit!

Pike-perch with laitue de mer, leek, gooseberries and lovage

We start off with a carpaccio of pike-perch that is served with gently cooked leek and a creamy emulsion seasoned with Swedish soy sauce and Laitue de mer, a light and crispy seaweed salad. We make a cool green tomato soup seasoned with spicy horseradish and garnish the dish with fresh lovage, sprigs of bronze fennel and crispy, salty samphire.

Cheese tart with white asparagus, green peas and Swedish bleak roe 

White asparagus is one of the spring highlights, and this year we serve it poached with quince juice from Fristorp in western Sweden on a crispy tart filled with a smooth cream with Svecia cheese. We garnish the tart with bleak roe from Kalix, green peas and use the pods to make a fresh bright green foam.


Lamb with wild garlic butter, rapeseed shoots and glazed carrots 

For main course we serve lamb in two ways. We cook the leg gently sous-vide with rosemary and garlic, and braise the flank slowly in wine with herbs. The bright green leaves of wild garlic are starting to show up around Sweden and we use them to make an aromatic compound butter that we freeze and grate over the hot plates. Another delicacy of the season is young rapeseed shoots that we serve quickly fried in butter with Swedish soy sauce along with honey-glazed carrots.

Rhubarb with buttermilk ice cream, caramel crumble and frosted fennel seed 

For this year’s spring dessert we serve rhubarb, gently cooked in birch sap with fennel seed. We keep the fennel seeds to make a frosted crisp and use the juice and trimmings from the rhubarb to cook a tangy chutney. The rhubarb is served with a smooth buttermilk ice cream and a crunchy caramel crumble as well as small meringues flavoured with birch syrup.



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