Summer menu 2019

It is finally time to launch this year’s summer menu! As the summer vegetables in season vary a great deal between June and August, we have decided to adjust the menu slightly over time so that we are able to make use of the vegetables that are at their absolute best throughout the season. The beginning of summer offers wonderful new potatoes, asparagus, nettles and rhubarb, but as we reach the end of summer they will be replaced by other seasonal vegetables such as corn, mushrooms and onions. The chefs are eager to present the versions of this year’s summer menu and they invite you to experience four wonderfully fresh and green dishes.

Cured salmon with horseradish, radishes, aromatic crisp bread and brown butter

Cured salmon does not necessarily require days to prepare. The chefs will show you how to make a quickly cured salmon with fresh tones of dill and green juniper berries. The fish is served with a horseradish cream seasoned with grilled salmon and smoky dill oil. We cook Swedish new potatoes to perfection and make a crisp bread with caraway and fennel seed. A smooth brown butter foam is cutting through the spices, and different textures of radishes are adding a crispy freshness to the dish.

Early summer second course – White asparagus with crispy egg, buttered asparagus broth and pistachios

The middle course in the beginning of summer is all about the white asparagus. We cook it sous-vide with miso and lemon grass that add an aromatic fullness with hints of Asia. The broth from the asparagus is blended into a fresh sauce with white wine and butter. A crispy deep-fried egg adds a rich creaminess and is complemented by crunchy roasted pistachios.

Late summer second course – Chanterelles with corn croquettes and pickled onion on a grilled flat bread

Kantareller med majskrokett och sotad, picklad lök på flatbröd

On August first, the asparagus dish was changed into a late summer dish. Placig the seasonal produce in the spotlight, this dish is composed of grilled fresh corn that is rolled into croquettes and deep fried until they are crispy. The croquettes are served with a smooth, creamy mushroom emulsion and onions that are both pickled and grilled with a blowtorch. We fry chantarelles golden brown in butter and mix them with chives and cress, and the whole dish is served up on a freshly baked rye flatbread.

Stuffed young chicken with Swedish dumplings, wild garlic and turnip

Young chickens are small enough to make an excellent main course for two people. We stuff them with minced chicken, tarragon and cream and cook them gently in the oven before glazing them over a charcoal barbecue. To accompany the spring chicken we make Swedish dumplings stuffed with a local sheep cheese, butter-cooked fresh green cabbage and black kale. The plate is decorated with spruce-pickled hohlrabbi that add a pleasant fresh crunch.

Baked rhubarb or plums with puff pastry, vanilla custard, chamomile and chocolate crunch

Rhubarb in the beginning of summer and plums later on, are classic Swedish summer desserts. The fresh tangy fruit is a great match with creamy flavours and smooth textures. We cook the fruit gently with maple syrup and shiso juice until it is just perfectly soft. It is served with a flowery chamomile siphon foam, a creamy vanilla custard and a cool sour cream ice cream. For garnish we add fresh berries that bring more pronounced acidity and freshness to a summer dessert.



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