AVEQIA presents the

Summer menu 2020

Here we proudly present our late summer menu! It offers lovely, fresh flavours with lots of greens and as usual we work with the best produce the season can offer. Tasty food, delicious wines, hand washing and social distancing – can it get any better?


Rainbow trout with a sea weed salad, leek, gooseberries and lovage

Second course

Chanterelles with corn croquette and charred pickled onions on flatbread

Kantareller med majskrokett och sotad, picklad lök på flatbröd

Main course

Stuffed quail with dumplings, sweetheart cabbage, tarragon and kohlrabi


Plums with buttermilk ice cream, fudge crumble and candied fennel seeds



Chambre Séparée

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