Winter menu 2020

Despite the cold weather, we do have some products that are at their very best at this time of the year, and we have had the pleasure of tasting our way to this year’s first menu. Our chefs have put together four new dishes that combine the season’s best products with creative cooking methods. Freshly boiled lobster, tortellini made from scratch and crispy fried donuts are a few of the  delicacies from the menu.

Lobster with potato flatbread, grapefruit and shiso

The lobster is best eaten during the coldest months of the year, and we are cooking according to the Swedish rules of the art before serving it playfully in a flat bread taco. We use the shells to make a roasted lobster mayonnaise and combine it with fresh acidity from grapefruit, green shiso leaves and spicy sesame seed.

Mushroom tortellini with crispy Jerusalem artichoke, mushroom broth and truffle

Few dishes are as appreciated as homemade pasta on a cold winter day. We make the dough from scratch and fold it into tortellini filled with a porcini mushroom duxelle. The pasta is tossed in a buttery mushroom broth with truffle and sage, and served with pickled and deep-fried Jerusalem artichoke.

Butter-baked cusk with salsify, oyster beurre blanc and a green herb purée

Cusk is a fish from the cod family, that we serve gently baked in butter with dulse algae. We give a classic beurre blanc sauce a new twist with oysters and trout roe, and serve it with salsify, known in Sweden as the pour man’s asparagus, cooked in quince juice and Swedish soy sauce.

Donuts with chocolate sorbet, cherries, zabaglione and crushed Daim

Munk med chokladsorbet

Last but not least, a dessert where playfulness is mixed with exciting pastry chef tricks. We make fluffy donuts tossed in cherry sugar, served with a creamy zabaglione made with cherry beer. This is served with a cherry compote, a velvety smooth chocolate sorbet, and our version of the Swedish chocolate bar called Daim.



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