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Welcome to AVEQIA’s unique selection of recipes. This is a new part of our website where we’ll publish new recipes on an ongoing basis. After 18 years we have quite a few to share… so please do visit regularly!

Please note that each recipe has been created as part of a Tasting Menu; they serve approximately 8 guests as part of a bigger dinner or 4 guests when served on their own as a main dish.

Beets with chewy cherries, malt and pistachio crumble, cream cheese, Beurre Noisette

Tasty, slow-baked beetroots with chewy cherries, home made cream cheese and Beurre Noisette emulsion. A malt crisp and apple leather finish the dish off

Butter-baked cusk with salsify, oyster beurre blanc and green herb purée

Here we have gently baked Cusk with dulse algae. Served with a beurre blanc with oysters & trout roe, salsify cooked in quince juice and Swedish soy sauce.

Cod with fried mussles, smoked kale and mussle foam

Lära Sig Laga Mat  Krispig vildand med grädde, kantareller samt bakad kålrot och tryffelchips Recept - Aveqia

Crispy Mallard with Chanterelles, Baked swede and Truffle crisps

In this dish we have beautiful locally sourced mallard, panfried with crispy skin and seasoned with dried chanterelles, rosé pepper and fennel.

Mushroom tortellini with crispy Jerusalem artichoke, mushroom broth and truffle

Delicious tortellini filled with a porcini mushroom duxelle. We toss the pasta in a buttery mushroom broth with truffle and sage

Halstrad Gös med kvittenbakad fänkål, dashi,grillad ämnesgurka och ostron

Seared Pike-Perch with baked fennel, dashi, cucumber and oyster

The best fish of the season; Pike-Perch – here served with delicious baked fennel, dashi, grilled young cucumber and oyster mayonnaise. Fresh peas and dill adds freshness!

Sirloin with yellow peas, grilled butter, celeriac and baked onion

Yellow heritage peas from Öland mixed with a sauce of smoked butter. A smooth celeriac purée and pickled onions accompanies ta butter-basted sirloin steak.

Spicy cornfed duck with red cabbage, port wine jus, fennel smoked black currant jelly and crispy kale

Cornfed duck-breasts are seasoned with fennel seeds, sancho peppers and star anise and fried perfectly pink. We confit the thighs and toss them in port wine jus.

Stuffed spring chicken with Swedish dumplings, wild garlic and turnip

Stuffed young chicken with Swedish dumplings, tarragon and sweetheart cabbage

Swedish dairy cow with yellow peas, grilled butter, celeriac and baked onion

Umeshu-glazed duck with swede purée, flower sprouts and roasted hazelnuts

AVEQIA Höstmeny 2018 - Hjort, Pumpa, Silverlök

Venison with butternut squash, stuffed onions and black cabbage

Venison with butternut squash, filled white onions and black cabbage. A delicious autumn dish that satisfies.

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