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Welcome to AVEQIA’s unique selection of recipes. This is a new part of our website where we’ll publish new recipes on an ongoing basis. After over 20 years we have quite a few to share… so please do visit regularly!

Please note that each recipe has been created as part of a Tasting Menu; they serve approximately 8 guests as part of a bigger dinner or 4 guests when served on their own as a main dish.

Laga Mat I Grupp,Hummer, libbsticka Recept - Aveqia

Fresh Lobster, Cucumber & Apple juice and Languostine crème

At AVEQIA we served this delicious, delicate lobster dish as a cold starter – but you could easily serve this as a wonderful summer main course

Inkokt Vit sparris med sotad kammussla, Yuzu majonnäs och forellrom

Infused white asparagus with scallop, yuzu mayonnaise and trout roe

Stekt havskräfta med rökt potatispuré och syrad grädde

Langoustine with Smoked Potato puree, Soured Cream, Sorrel and Pine

Lobster croquette with Kohlrabi flowers, puffed broccoli and lobster vinaigrette

AVEQIAs Höstmeny 2018 Hummer, kålrabbi, äpple

Lobster tortellini with kohlrabi, apple and kale sprouts

Lobster tortellini with lobster foam and charred cipollini onions

Lobster with potato flatbread, grapefruit, shiso leaves and celery

Fresh lobster served in a flat bread taco with delicious lobster mayonnaise. Topped with fresh grapefruit, spicy green shiso leaves and spicy sesame seed.

Marinated pike-perch and raw shrimp with leek, meadowsweet and prawn crackers

Marinated pike-perch and raw shrimp with leek, meadowsweet and prawn crackers

Lära Sig Laga Mat Sojabakad Gös med svampconsommé Recept-Aveqia

Sea Bass, Mushroom Consommé, Broccoli, Rye Crisp & Onion

Lovely Soy baked Sea Bass, coupled with a warming mushroom broth, charred broccoli, crispy rye bread and sweet amaebi.

Seared Scallop with roast sweetheart cabbage, charred cucumber and beurre noisette-snow

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