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When we create our Wine packages AVEQIAs sommelier and our wine partners seek out the best wines from across world to match with our Chefs menus. Together they create perfect pairings of food and wine for your enjoyment. In order to cater to all tastes and budgets we offer three different levels of wine packages.

Wine Package Premium

Our premium wine package is filled with quality wines carefully selected to suit the food on the plate. The wines come from well-known producers from across the world. The vast majority of these producers are family owned businesses that practice small-scale production, always with a focus on quality before quantity.

Wine Package Exclusive

Our most popular wine package raises the bar considerably on quality and offers wines from more well-known producers. These wines are very good quality and often have strong character and profile.

Wine package DeLuxe

This is the wine package for real connoisseurs or for a special occasion or celebration. Exclusive wines, great vintages and Champagne of very high quality for your welcome toast. When you choose our DeLuxe wine package you are offered a consultation with our sommelier who will then create a bespoke package for your party based on your preferences.

Our Non-alcoholic drinks package

For the many guests who prefer to drink non-alcoholic beverages we offer a wonderful drinks package. We take as much care matching the non-alcoholic drinks with the dishes as we do with our wine packages. This means that the non-alcoholic package consists a wide variety of pressed fruit drinks and in some cases, de-alcoholised wine.

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