Cantina Rizzi – Barbera d’Alba


Over 40 years ago (1974) Ernesto Dellapiana fell in love with a vineyard outside Turin, (more precisely in the village of Treiso) and pretty soon Mr. and Mrs. Dellapiana decided to become wine farmers. They acquired the Rizzi estate and its vineyards located on two sides of the hill, one within Cru Rizzi and the other within Cru Nervo. The idea behind the acquisition of the vineyard has never been purely commercial, but that the couple could work with their passion on a daily basis. 10 years later, they bought more land in the form of the Vigna Boito vineyard lot, which is also located in Crun Rizzi. In recent years, they have also expanded with vineyard plots in Crun Pajorè as well as Crun Giacone and Crun Bricco di Neive.

Enrico Dellapiana (the son) who today is responsible for the winemaking at the vineyard, not only loves the Nebbiolo grape but has a penchant for even more elegant grapes such as Pinot Noir, Freisa and the green Chardonnay. He always has acidity and finesse as watchwords when he creates the wines for Rizzi.

The name Rizzi derives from the Piedmontese “Riss”, or hedgehogs that populated the undergrowth and were very common in the area.

Winemaking & Terroir

Vinified in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature for about ten days. After the alcoholic fermentation, the wine is racked and undergoes a malolactic fermentation, which normally lasts a month. The wine is stored in large oak barrels, concrete and stainless steel tanks for a few months before bottling. The wine is released on the market approximately 18 months after harvest.

The terroir consists of white marl mixed with sand

Flavour profile

Flavorful with fruit that’s reminiscent of dark cherry, the wine also offers delicious spice that can be interpreted as oriental, with a nicely balanced freshness and soft tannins. It also features a long dark fruity long aftertaste.


Cantina Rizzi


100% Barbera


Piedmont, Italy




Provinum 7701501 (Private import, minimum order package of 6 bottles)

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