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Cantina Rizzi – Sterbü


It is an uphill road that leads to Treiso, a small village in the Bassa Langa overlooking the valley between the torrents Tinella and Seno D’Elvio, and here you can find some of the most famous vineyards in the world. This is where Rizzi Hill is located, in the heart of the Barbaresco and Langhe area.

Here, over 40 years ago, the love for the vineyard and its fruits, led Ernesto Dellapiana, together with his wife, to leave the city of Turin and return to the lands that had always belonged to the family to devote himself to the countryside and life as a farmer.

Ernesto Dellapiana worked to improve his company both from a quantitative and a qualitative point of view. Eventually the dream became reality and the Rizzi Wine Company reached over 44 total hectares divided between Nebbiolo da Barbaresco (the most substantial part), Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato, Freisa, Chardonnay and Pinot Nero.

Even after more than 40 years of activity, the philosophy of the Rizzi winery remains focused on classicism and tradition, with great attention to respect for the environment and the ecosystem. The ultimate goal is always the same: to exalt in wine what the season and the territory have been able to express in the fruit. This results is excellent wines and a variety of labels that stand out for their consistency, quality and reliability.



The grapes are handpicked and are handled delicately prior to vinification. The fermentation starts naturally with natural yeast. The wine is completely unfiltered and is stabilised over 6 months on steel tanks for the purpose of retaining the pure fruit.


Flavour profile

Flavourful and fresh with notes of yellow tropical fruit and sweet citrus. Delicious floral notes of white flowers and herbs tickle the pallet along with a mature citrus tone.


Cantina Rizzi


100% Chardonnay


Piedmont, Italy




Provinum 85007 (Privatimport, minimum order of 6 bottles)


SEK 179

Laga Mat I Grupp,Rökbakad vit sparris med äggcreme,Recept - Aveqia

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