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Gruhier – Cremant de Bourgogne ’Pur Chardonnay’


Dominique Gruhier is an exciting producer who applies biodynamic principles as much as possible and where the grapes are allowed to show their individual characteristics based on their specific origin within the property. No yeast is added but the wines are fermented naturally from the yeast that forms on the grape skins. A meticulous attitude within the vineyard and a competent craftsmanship creates the foundation for high class wines. The resulting products are fantastic gastronomic wines that invites the consumer to expore origin and terroir.


Manual harvest of the grapes at the optimum degree of ripeness between 11% vol. and 11,5% vol.

The grapes are pressed carefully with pneumatic presses and are then fermented on 600 l vats with domestic yeast. Followed by an extended aging in barrels.

The wines go through a second fermentation once bottled and are then rested for 36 months on the lees prior to degorgement.

The terroir is clay and limestone.

Flavour profile

An unexpected rich and fresh scent with notes of white flowers, a fine minerality and citrus. The flavour is balansed with tones of  brioche, mineral and citrus, integrated acid and small fine bubbles. The aftertaste is long and fine.


Dominique Gruhier


100% Chardonnay


Burgundy, France




10805 (privatimport) order at Systembolaget (minimum purchase 6 bottles)


SEK 219

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