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Home Vineyard Pinot Noir – Prophet’s Rock


Between sunny summers and icy winters, hot days and cold nights, high mountain peaks and beautiful low valleys, the old and new wine world meets and the wines produced in these conditions have quickly reached high status.

When Prophet’s Rock was founded in 1999, they were looking for the most unique locations in Central Otago, one of the world’s southernmost wine regions. Two wineries were established in the Bendigo area: Prophet’s Rock Home Vineyard and then the Rocky Point. Both are located high up on steep slopes, and they have produced grapes with distinct characters. Prophet’s Rock with its unusual soil mix that includes slate, clay and lime, and Rocky Point with rocky ground and treacherous slopes.

Paul Pujol, winemaker at Prophet’s Rock, is inspired by the classic French wine regions. After working the harvest at the Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé in Chambolle in 2009, his entire way of looking at the journey of wine changed from grape to bottle. Over a few years, the wine production at Prophet’s Rock transformed significantly, moving away from the New Zealand trend with extracted wines and clear barrel tones to expressive, lively, and personal wines.

Pinot Noir is Prophet’s Rock’s most important grape, but the love for Pinot Gris is great due to winemaker Paul Pujols’ years as a winemaker in Europe, more specifically in Languedoc, Sancerre, Burgundy, and Alsace. With great focus in the vineyard and with a light and discreet touch in the winery, Pujol explains that every glass of wine is a meeting of the old and new world of wine. With great precision and unique vineyard locations, Prophet’s Rock produces both red and white wines with a balance, elegance, and vitality that you will remember for a long time!


The harvest is managed by hand and Paul Pujol makes wine that is neither too extracted nor oaky. Unlike most producers in Central Otago, he restricts both pigeage (punch down) and the use of new oak barrels. He uses the domestic yeast and bottles the wine without filtering it.

Flavour profile

Elegant and silky burgundy blush with soft tannins and a slightly earthy minerality. Generous in its elegance and incipient complexity.


PRODUCER: Prophet’s Rock


GRAPE: Pinot Noir

REGION: Central Otago, New Zealand




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