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Poggiotondo – Chianti ”Vigna del Conchiglie” 2011


Alberto Antonini is a man who wants to work without being seen. He is relatively unknown to may despite being classed as one of the world’s top five winemakers by Decanter magazine. The most important thing for mr Antonini is not to make a mark on the wine. Many of the world’s most famous winemakers have their own style which is evident in the wine regardless of its origin. If this is experienced in Albertos wines, he’s failed he says. His focus is instead on demonstrating origin without any oak. By avoiding oak his wines show their original character. His wines have a fantastic energy, purity and focus. His biodynamic vineyard Poggiotondo is located in the northern part of Chianti, 45 min east from Pisa.

Vinification & terroir:

Only wild yeast is used and fermentation takes place on 500 liter oak barrels.

The vineyard Vigna delle Conchiglie used to be an ancient seabed and is completely filled with large sea shells – which produces an exceptional wine with both power and minerality.

Grape variety:

90% Sangiovese and 10% Canaiolo


Tuscany, Italy


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