Rizzi Barbaresco


Over 40 years ago (1974), Ernesto Dellapiana fell in love with a vineyard outside Turin, and soon Mr and Mrs Dellapiana had decided to become wine farmers. They acquired vineyards there, one of which was the Cru Rizzi, which gave the winery its name. The idea of ​​acquiring the vineyard was never for commercial reasons, but the couple were driven by the desire to work with their passion on a daily basis. 10 years later they bought more land, including the vineyard Vigna Boito which is located in the Cru Rizzi. In recent years, plots in Cru Pajorè, Cru Giacone and Cru Bricco di Neive have also been added to the property.

Ernesto is currently living his dream and the vineyard now consists of 44 hectares in total and they now grow not only Nebbiolo but also Barbera, Freisa, Moscato, Chardonnay and Pinot Nero. Luckily they now have the help of their children who are becoming increasingly involved in the work. Passion is what permeates both the work in the vineyard and the wine production, something that is really reflected in the fantastic wines. The name Rizzi comes from the Piedmontese “Riss”, or hedgehogs that inhabited the undergrowth and were very common in the area.


Vinification & Terroir

Grapes from cru Rizzi. The grapes are usually hand-picked in early October. Fermentation and maceration then takes place on temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks at a maximum of 30 degrees for 23-25 ​​days. The wine undergoes malolactic fermentation. The wine is stored for 12-15 months in 50 hl oak barrels and then in cement tanks for 8 months prior to bottling. The wine goes on sale about 3 years after harvest.

Flavour profile

Aromas of red fruit and berries, herbs and hints of flowers and spices. A wine with fine structure and texture with balanced tannins and acidity. An elegant drop with a long aftertaste.




Piedmont, Italy






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