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Steinberger Riesling Kabinett – Kloster Eberbach


Kloster Eberbach is the oldest wine producer in Germany, the monks at the abbey planted the first vineyards here in Eltville village as far back as  1136.

All grapes used in the making of the Steinberger Riesling Kabinett come from the Steinberger vineyard, owned in its entirety by Kloster Eberbach for 800 years. This vineyard produces wines ranging from completely dry to very sweet using Riesling grapes, and Riesling is the only grape variety that can be used this widely.

Historical note: There is a swedish connection to Kloster Eberbach, dating back to 1631 when swedish troops led by Axel Oxenstierna sacked the monastery.

Wine production & Terroir

The wine is fermented in steel barrels and is then aged in the barrels for 6-9 months before being bottled.

Terroir: Slate and clay

Grape variety


Flavour profile

Fantastic Vineyard Kabinett from Steinberger. Clean and lively acidity, notes of exotic fruit and honeysuckle. The light, sparkling sweetness makes the wine fuller and makes it a perfect match with the rich, salty sauce of the asparagus dish with matjes foam.


Kloster Eberbach


Rheingau, Tyskland




14008 (private import) from Systembolaget of 6 bottles minimum.


SEK 189

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