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Thomas Morey; Chassagne-Montrachet 1:er Cru Chenevotte 2017


The Morey family history in Chassagne-Montrachet starts all the way back in 1643 with the arrival of Claude Morey who came to work in the vineyards or to make barrels. By the end of the 19th century the family had been given an opportunity to build their own business with vineyards of their own.

Thomas Morey belongs to the 10th generation of this Chassagne-family. He worked in the family vineyards until 2006 when he decided to build a business of his own together with his wife Sylvie. The first Domaine Thomas Moray vintage was launched in 2007.

The vineyards are from the 1950s and – 60s and are worked organically and in harmony with nature. Thomas only uses wild yeast and the white wines are allowed to rest on their lees until the bottling. He does not use sulphur during the bottling, but adds very small quantities over a six month period after the malolactic fermentation for optimum integration.

Vinification and terroir:

Only wild yeast is used, fermentation takes place on oak barrels 30% of which are new. Further malolactic fermentation and then rested on the lees for 12 months and thereafter 6 months in steel tanks. After this process the wine is carefully filtered and bottled.

Terroir: Mainly red clay, rich chalk mixed with white quartz.

Grape variety:

Chardonnay 100%

Flavour profile:

Nuanced and elegant scent with clear minerality in an fresh style with sea, seaweed, oyster shells, lightly toasted almonds and a hint of white flowers. The taste boasts fine minerality with notes of seaweed and oysters along with elegant beeswax, white flowers, almonds and sea buckthorn. Nuanced and elegant with a long minerality throughout.


Bourgogne, Frankrike




575:- (Private import, minimum purchase 6 bottles)/750 ml


Private: Methodic innovation with precision

Laga Mat I Grupp,Rökbakad vit sparris med äggcreme,Recept - Aveqia

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