Apple sorbet with beurre noisette cake, apple caramel, white chocolate snow and parsnip

Serves 10 if part of a taster menu

Apple sorbet

  • 5                    Apples
  • 1                    Lemon
  • 200 g            Sugar
  • 400 g            Water
  • 80 g              Glucose syrup
  • 4,4 g             Agar agar

Cut the apples and dice them into a mixing bowl (keep the cores). Squeeze the lemon over the apples and freeze in Electrolux 900 Blast Chiller® for about 20 min (alternatively, freeze for a couple of hours) Bring sugar, water, glucose syrup and agar agar to the boil in a pan. Allow to cool.

Mix the apples into the sorbet liquid. Pour the apple sorbet into a paco jet container; freeze, alternatively run in an ice cream machine.

Apple jelly/Apple powder  

  • 5                    Apples
  • 1 g                 Gelan

Juice the apples. Bring the apple juice mixed with Gelan to a boil for about 40 seconds.

Pour the liquid out on to a silicone mat and allow to cool in room temperature. Cut out small rings with a metal cutter. Take the apple bits from the juicer, spread on a silicone mat and dry in the oven at 90°C.

Beurre noisette cake

  • 225 g              Butter Arla®
  • 4                    Eggs
  • 110 g              Flour
  • 70 g                Almond flour
  • ½ tsp              Salt
  •                       Butter Arla®
  •                       Breadcrumbs

Brown the butter in a saucepan to a minimum of 126°C. Pour into a mixing bowl and allow to cool. Whisk the browned butter with sugar until and add the eggs one at a time (whilst whisking).

Fold all the dry ingredients into the batter and ensure you have no lumps. Butter the molds and line with breadcrumbs. Bake at 185°C for about 8 min just before serving.

Apple caramel

  •                         Apple cores and remains
  • 150 g              Sugar
  • 150 ml            Double cream
  • 50 g                Butter

Dice the apple remains and remove the pips from the cores. Cook sugar, apple and cream without stirring. Cook until you have a golden caramel. Fold butter into the mixture right at the end. Strain the apple bits and allow the caramel to cool at room temperature.


White chocolate snow

  • 30 g                 White chocolate
  • 200 ml            Maltodextrin

Melt white chocolate in a mixing bowl in a Bain Marie.  Fold in the maltodextrin and mix, ensuring you have no lumps.

Dried apples

  • 2                       Apples
  • 100 ml            Sugar
  • 100 ml            Water

Bring sugar and water to a boil in a saucepan. Make sure the sugar dissolves.  Slice the apple thinly on a mandolin. Place the apple slices on a silicone mat with space between each slice.

Brush the apple slices with the sugar syrup and dry in the oven at 90°.

Dried parsnips

  • 3                    Parsnips

Peel and shave the parsnips thinly on a mandolin and place on a silicone mat. Dry in oven at 90°C.


  • Apple powder
  • Purple Wood sorrel